Hello, and welcome to my blog, my name is Ștefan Suciu, I’m a software developer and I have a mechanical engineer degree.

I have 15+ years experience developing Perl GUI and CLI database applications.

I like to learn about, and experiment with different technologies, so my knowledge is rather wide than deep, excepting the above mentioned experience.

Another of my relatively newer field of interest is for Web development. This blog uses the Hugo static site generator, but my former s2i2.ro site was created using the Perl Dancer web application framework, but also published as a static site.

Some other interests of mine include data extraction and manipulation, automation, amateur electronics, rock and pop.

I usually work with relational databases like Firebird, PostgreSQL, SQLite, MySQL and CUBRID but also had some exposure to Access.

My favourite language is Perl and the new Perl6, and I also frequently use Bash and SQL. I’m also interested by Go(lang) and Pascal (Lazarus | Delphi).

Some of the languages from my past are FoxPro (Visual FoxPro), DOS batch, Basic (for Z80, Cub-Z, Windows) and Tcl/Tk.

I’m looking for a software developer job in the Brașov area and/or I’m also available for remote work.

Thank you for your interest and I hope to get some feedback from you about the articles on this blog.